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Six Secrets of Successful Music Teachers
What makes a successful music teacher? I have observed and listened to many very successful teachers over the years. I am so fortunate to personally know many outstanding teachers, and I have learned from them. These are teachers of all ages who have studios full of students, including beginners and long-time advanced high school students. Here is what I discovered:

  1. They have goals
  2. They are flexible, but not door-mats.
  3. They don’t rigidly follow method books.
  4. They don’t complain and they don’t make excuses.
  5. They are willing to learn more and keep up to date.
  6. They love their work and they do more than just teach.

Teaching music is hard. There are so many factors that we as teachers cannot control. Music is enjoyable, yet it is hard to learn to read and it is hard to learn the coordination involved in playing an instrument. We teach because we love it and we want to share our love of music. It’s also how we make our living. This is a lot to balance and it is understandable that we get frustrated at times. However, we stay positive and carry on!

If you are looking for a fun and friendly teacher, you are in the right place! I have been teaching for 35+ years and have a number of references available upon request. I have a group class when Cherokee Schools are closed for those extra weeks off for the kids. I offer weekly incentives at the lessons. I keep approximately 50 students. I offer 30 and 45 minute private lessons once per week. I have a large studio with a restroom and waiting room for parents and siblings on the same level. I also love teaching adults, nobody is ever too old to learn and have fun while learning!

Please contact me for further information. I make piano fun!


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